The New Way To Sell Your Home in Lubbock

Are you planning on selling your Lubbock house? Before you commit to an agent or try to sell it on your own, learn about the new way to sell your home in Lubbock! For most people, the thought of selling their Lubbock house will likely involve the MLS and the help of a local agent. Before … Continued

3 Key Differences Between Property Wholesalers and Lubbock Real Estate Agents

A wholesaler offers homeowners an option when they are trying to sell a property; typically, these houses are in a state of severe disrepair and often don’t garner their market value with a traditional listing on the MLS. Seen as bargains by typical buyers, offers, though rare, are usually insultingly low offers. Wholesalers are dedicated … Continued

5 Ways the Foreclosure of Your Lubbock House Will Impact You in the Future

The wheels that drive foreclosures turn very slowly, and there is ample opportunity to steer the ship in a new direction and salvage your future. Sadly, foreclosure is entirely avoidable, yet lives are often damaged for years because homeowners didn’t understand the consequences and took no action to prevent the process.  Whatever circumstances change to … Continued

5 Ways Homeowners in Lubbock Can Get Out of Debt

Are you a homeowner who wants to get out of debt? Struggling to climb out of debt while paying exorbitant interest on your loans can be overwhelming. Another hurdle for many is the fear of changing lifestyles and doing without shopping therapy and all of the little perks and comforts they’ve grown accustomed to in … Continued

Can I Sell My House in Foreclosure in Lubbock?

Do you have a Lubbock TX house that’s in foreclosure right now? Many people going through the TX foreclosure process want to get out from under that burdensome house and wonder if they can sell the house in foreclosure. The short answer: yes. The long answer: it’s a little more complicated, but usually you can … Continued

Selling My House Fast in Lubbock

You need to sell your Lubbock house fast right?  If you’re saying… “I’m having the toughest time selling my house fast in Lubbock“… you’re at the right place 🙂 These tips will help you get your property sold. [NOTE: Most important – if you really need to sell fast, consider the option of selling for cash offer … Continued

What Do I Need To Do To Sell My House In Lubbock TX?

You want to sell your Lubbock house, and you want to get top dollar. Excellent! But “What do I need to do to sell my house in Lubbock“? Here are some tips on how to get your home ready to sell if you’re looking for top dollar that the market will bear: *NOTE: These instructions … Continued

3 House Selling Tips In Lubbock

Selling your Lubbock TX home is never a simple process. But it can be especially difficult if you have to sell your Lubbock house fast. In this article, we will take a look at a few house selling tips in Lubbock that will allow you to get a fast sale. Tip #1: Increase The Odds … Continued

How To Sell Your Home Quickly In Lubbock And Other Parts Of TX

You want to sell your local Lubbock TX home and you want to do so quickly. Right? Perhaps you have another commitment with the money or you need to move. Whatever the case is, you need to sell your home quickly in Lubbock and move on. Unfortunately, homeowners who need to sell their home fast … Continued