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We’ll make selling your home fast and easy with our detailed explanation of the whole process. No need for a Realtor, banks or other middle men!

The best way to get that perfect offer in today’s hot market is to deal directly with cash buyers like us who are looking forward signing papers right away.

We are able to skip through all of the hassling steps in between, and make sure money does NOT disappear before reaching YOU as a seller!

Here Are Our 4 Simple Steps to Get You Paid Faster:

1. Tell us about your property!

It’s quick, easy and free!

2. We’ll contact you to setup a quick appointment.

This way we can determine if it's something we can help with.

3. We'll present you w/ a no-obligation offer

Or discuss the best options for you.

4. We close at a local reputable title company

Cash in your hands in as little as 7 days!

Sell you house easily and stress free!

Selling your home comes with a multitude of stressors such as cleaning, repairs, agent showings, open houses, inspections, and months and months of work.

We Offer a better solution to this process one that is faster, easier, and stress free.

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Sell you house easily and stress free!

Selling your home comes with a multitude of stressors such as cleaning, repairs, agent showings, open houses, inspections, and months and months of work.

We Offer a better solution to this process one that is faster, easier, and stress free.

Selling to Texas Vet Investments.

The details…

I’m sure you’ve seen a slew of similar websites or received marketing material from other businesses implying that they will buy your house for cash and that you can sell your property quickly to them. Since you’re on our “How it works” page, I’m guessing that, like most of our sellers, you’re still wondering…

How does this whole “we buy houses cash” process really work? It can’t be that simple can it

Yes, in a nutshell, selling your home quickly for cash is a very simple and straightforward procedure – FOR YOU. It’s a little different story for us. There’s a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes on our part to ensure that you have an easy and pleasant home selling experience.

Well, that is vague...

Yes, I understand. That is why, below, I’ll go through our cash house purchasing procedure from start to finish and what you can expect to happen if you decide to contact us. Keep in mind that selling your property quickly for money isn’t always the greatest choice. Please read on to learn more about how the process works so that you can make a well-informed decision about what is the best option for you!

What information do you require from me?

So you decide to reach out to us! What happens after that? If you contact us during business hours, we will either pick up the call or return your call as soon as possible. The conversation will only take a few minutes. We’ll ask you for some basic information about your property, pay attention to your demands, answer any questions you may have, and provide guidance and recommendations to help you sell your house regardless of whether or not we are the greatest option for you.

Do I get my cash offer right away on the phone?

No… We do not provide the specific offer over the phone right away. We can, however, give you a range of possibilities for where our offer will be.

I’ve heard other “We Buy Houses” firms promise to offer you a cash offer for your home over the phone!

The problem with that is that most of these businesses will just offer you a fraudulent bogus offer, try to lock you into a contract, and then utilize an “inspection report” at the end of their inspection period to ask for a substantial price reduction. We’ve seen this tactic employed A LOT in our market by many investors, and we despise it! It tarnishes our industry’s reputation while also showing blatant dishonesty.

That’s why…

When you contact us, we will simply obtain the basic information from you to verify that working with us is a good fit for you. If you believe that the alternatives we have available are appropriate, we will schedule an offer appointment (can be done by phone or in-person) for you. We’ll do extensive research on the property before your appointment so that we can provide you with the highest and most suitable offer possible!

I am tired of getting lowball offers, how are you different?

It’s in our best interests to provide you with a fair offer that you are satisfied with since that is how we stay in business. No sensible person would accept a ludicrous low-ball offer, therefore it wouldn’t make sense for us to give one! Our company specializes in the purchase and sale of houses (or condos, townhouses, etc.). We can’t buy properties if our bids aren’t accepted.

One thing to keep in mind is that we have a variety of alternatives for what sort of deal we can offer you. If you take our fast cash offer for your house, it will be fair, but it will not be “full market value.” We’ve worked hard to make our company as streamlined as possible so that we may afford to provide higher cash offers than other home purchasers!

We can provide you with more than the market value of your house if you take advantage of one or more of our other alternatives. However, these incentives will not be a “sell my home fast for cash” type offer. Call (806) 590-0112 or email us through the online form to learn about the additional choices we have to offer.

Do you have any other alternatives or just cash offers?

Excellent question. We originally only provided cash for houses with the intention of renovating and reselling them. However, over time, we’ve grown our staff and capabilities to serve a wider range of homeowners in various circumstances. Even if you’re not in a hurry to sell but want to get more money versus a low-ball offer, we can help you.

Scroll down a bit further on the page to learn more about our “Standard” cash offer and see a real-world example.

So, how do you calculate your offer to buy my home for cash?

We make our cash offers based on 4 things:

"After Repair Value" (ARV) of the property

This is what the property will be worth on the open market after we’ve completed renovating it, similar to how you see on HGTV. We deduct the expenses listed below from this value to obtain the typical cash offer amount.

Cost of renovations (COR)

We need to renovate and make the property appear like it’s brand new to get the most out of it. These are our materials, labor, etc for bringing the home to current standards.

Our selling costs

This is how much it will cost us to resell the property after acquiring it from you. Although you are not charged Realtor fees or closing expenses when we buy it from you, we must pay those costs when we sell the property. We also have to pay holding fees such as utilities, taxes, insurance, and HOA dues, among other things. Our selling charges usually amount to around 10% of the resale price.

Our minimum required profit

Yes, I understand how terrible it is that we have to make a profit, but we truly do. We couldn’t support our families, pay our staff, pay our contractors, or buy homes if we didn’t make a profit when we resell them. However, in order to be able to afford to pay you more for your house and accept more of our offers, we keep our profits modest!

Let’s be honest here we have made some mistakes buying properties we should not have that cost us big time. Think mistakes with zeros on the end. We discovered that our minimal required profit must be about 10% of the ARV or $10,000 at a minimum. That means if we purchase a home, renovate it, and try to resell it for $300,000, we must make at least $30,000 on the transaction.

Let’s do some math!!!

Our most common Cash Offer for Your Home = (AFTER REPAIR VALUE) X 80% MINUS (COST OF RENOVATIONS)

How long does the process take?

As with all of the “Cash for Houses” businesses in Texas, our closing procedure usually takes approximately 2-4 weeks, depending on the urgency. We can certainly work with you if you need a quicker or longer closing time frame. The following is a simple yet descriptive description of the closing procedure:

Opening Escrow & Ordering Inspections

After you’ve decided to sign the simple purchase and sale agreement (that we walk you through). We will send the document to the title company for them to do title and lien searches. We will then set up a time with you so that we can double-check our repair cost estimates.

Timeline = Normally 24-48 business hours

Conducting Inspections & Reviewing Title / Lien Searches

We’ll do a home inspection, look at the inspection report, and evaluate the title and lien searches provided by the city and title company. If anything turns up during those searches that need to be addressed, we’ll contact you to figure out what to do next. Sellers value our creativity and problem-solving abilities.

Timeline = Normally 1-2 Weeks

Scheduling the Closing & Getting You Cashed Out!

We’re ready to move on and pay you! We’ll contact you to see when would be the best date/time for you to close. You may either go to the title company or have a mobile notary come to your location to sign closing papers. The cash is either wired into your bank account or a certified cashier’s cheque from the title company after you sign closing documents. This usually takes place the same day, but it can sometimes be postponed until the following business day.

Timeline = Normally 1-7 Days


Contact us today, there is no risk whatsoever you can always say no.





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